Nekes, born in Germany as the son of Greek parents, has found a second home in Mannheim and is currently a much sought-after artist in the electronic music business. Thus, there is a lot to be expected of him in 2009.

As resident DJ at the Time Warp (there aren’t many who can say that about themselves) and at Loft Club / Ludwigshafen he is continuously attracting an ever-increasing fan base. And through his numerous gigs throughout Germany and beyond there won’t be much of a change about that in future.

His output will be pressed on vinyl shortly and so people will be able to get Nekes into their living room. He has already administered a remix for Johnny D. on Oslo Records 002 and then in 2008 he published his own release ‘Cristal’ on Oslo Records. Other remixes did follow on Drumpoet Community and Lomidhigh.

At now he is working on his new EP. With his friend Federico Molinari, he founded Oslo Records some time ago to promote and offer a home for electronic dance music. The previous releases have set the tone and we’re looking forward with anticipation to what the two of them will provide in future.